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Want flawless floors? Exactly what we do
Give your property a befitting floor with our Los Angeles floor installation, floor repair and floor maintenance and care services

An excellent floor speaks volume of the style and reputation of a property owner. A flawless floor can significantly improve the ambience within your home or business. Just as a bad, dirty, damaged, or inappropriate flooring can do the opposite.

As an experienced flooring contractor, we understand that property owners in Los Angeles really want value for money and a delivery that’s special.

It’s all about standing out from the pack. If your floor fails to inspire, your building won’t reach its full potential and other efforts to make your building stand out however expensive they are can become useless. That then leads us to important concerns many are having: how to find “flooring services in LA near me” or “how to get the best flooring contractor” that’s best for your need and budget.

The solution is simple: Gulliver Do It All– a full service flooring professional that can meet all your floor needs under one roof. And we excel through our services which include:

  • Floor Installations
    Want your laminate, vinyl, tile and hardwood flooring to last for years so you can get maximum value for your money’s worth? Allow our expert flooring installers with years of experience and extensive know-how use the latest techniques, genuine flooring materials, and cutting edge equipment give you the perfect flooring through our fast, affordable and high quality floor installation services.
  • Floor re-coat
    Using a variety of advanced techniques, our floor re-coat specialists will appropriately apply coats to your existing worn, tired-looking and uninspiring floor to give it a dose of freshness that will make it look like new again. Unlike other quick fixers, we ensure the floor is adequately prepared either by deep scrubbing or stripping then ensure your floor bonds properly with the finish and dry to guarantee lasting results. Floor re-coating not only reveal the beauty of your existing floor, but it prolongs it life span and protects your floor from daily assaults of wear and tear, thus helping you save money in the process.
  • Floor re-finish
    Our floor refinishing service is a game changer for residential and commercial property owners/managers who want their existing floor to look good as new without spending a fortune on new floors. With years of experience, we combine skills and technology to deliver a refinished floor of the highest standard on-time at the lowest price possible. Whether it is floor sealing, polishing and finishing, we’ve got you covered!
  • Floor repair
    Looking for the perfect solution for the stain, dent, cracks, scratches and other type of blemish or damage on your laminate, vinyl, tile, or hardwood floor? Commercial and residential clients have to rely on our fast, efficient, and long lasting floor repair solution in LA – because we’ve put everything in place to help you cut cost and ensure a memorable experience without disrupting your activities whether at home or in your business. We’ll rather work on the affected area than the entire floor to help you save money and time. In the end, you’ll be glad you made the right call because when we sign out; your floor will be looking its best again for a fraction of the cost.

Flooring solutions that stick. Put an end to your worries.

The moment you partner with us, a dedicated flooring professional will be on hand to spearhead your project. Our staff will advise you and co-create a plan of action on how to complete your project as agreed within your budget.

Over the years we’ve completed over 1180+ projects and perfected our skills during this time which has allowed us to develop proven capacities in solving a wide range of flooring problems like you’re currently having. Choose any of our flooring service today and save time, money, stress. Call us now!

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