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Painting Services

Providing residential and commercial painting services you love

Painting when applied with finesse still remains a cost-effective method to instantly give your building a facelift. And when done right, the return on investment of painting is simply mind blowing.

We understand that no matter how careful you are, a time comes when your façade loses its color literarily. When they do, you need to restore the shine back to your walls ASAP so you can get back your building back to its glory days.

But before you get on splashing that coat of paint on your walls, hold on! There is more to it than meets the eye. The choice of color, surface preparation, application techniques etc. are some factors that must be considered if you expect your paint job to get off the wall and grab attention of the good kind.

To take the guess work out of your painting project, we invite you to leverage the expertise of our painters, and mix it up with the advantages the latest paints available in the market provides to produce a finish that’s all beauty, value, and pride with every stroke.

Our highly skilled teams of building painters specializing in indoors and outdoors painting tasks are experienced veterans of the trade with countless completed projects to show for it. With us, you can be guaranteed of timely completion par project specifications – no botched project, no incomplete job.

Before applying the first stroke of paint, we dutifully take out time to understand your needs, we’ll listen to your ideas and concerns and if you have no ideas to share, we’ll inspire with our impressive portfolio.
The actual job is done following adequate preparation of the surface where the paint is to be applied so as to avoid peeling or bubbling of the applied paint.

And if you own a busy building, don’t worry. We know how to go about it without causing disruption to your activities.

  • Non-toxic and genuine paints that will not harm building occupants in a wide range of colors and textures.
  • Adequate sealing of work area as well as proper protection for your valuables and content of your building.
  • Affordable painters providing painting services at fair prices.
  • We provide certified, licensed and insured painters.
  • We utilize appropriate equipment and gears to ensure safety and cut the risk of a mishap occurring significantly.
  • Our painting crew will clean up your site, so don’t worry about incurring extra cost for cleaning.

Our painting services include:

Interior Painting including:

  • Drywall Repairs
  • Ceiling and Wall Painting
  • Doors and Casings painting
  • Windows and Baseboards painting
  • Painting of cabinets
  • Repaints

Exterior painting including:

  • Painting of Siding and Fascias
  • Windows and Doors
  • Decks and Fences Painting
  • Stucco paintings

Painting services in Los Angeles you need to complete your property’s allure

At Gulliver Do It All, we aim to establish lifelong relationships so we set the ball rolling by providing quality painting solutions that will make your property stand out. And by using the latest technologies and ethical painting techniques, we are confident our friendly and reliable painting services will help you derive maximum pleasure from been a property owner or manager.

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